Letters Home From The Civil War

This section is dedicated to the words of those brave men and women who participated in the American Civil War and shared their experiences with friends and loved ones through the written word.

All letters archived at this site are authentic and have not been edited by me in any way. If you have a letter or series of letters that were written during the Civil War, please consider submitting them for inclusion on this site. You can get more information on my Submissions Page.


Regiment Identification (Alphabetical) Soldier's Name Internal or External Link
   1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Company A Private George F. Elliott Jr (Artificer) (3 letters) Internal
   1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, Company I 2nd Lieutenant James P. Elliott (3 letter) Internal
   6th Connecticut Infantry, Company A Private Halsey Bartlett KIA on 6/17/64 at Bermuda Hundred, VA (1 letter) Internal
   7th Connecticut Infantry, Company C Private William Norton (1 letter) Internal
   4th Delaware Infantry George W. Johnson, Jr. (1 letter) Internal
   33rd Illinois Infantry, Company C Captain Henry C. Kellogg (2 letters) Internal
   1st Indiana Heavy Artillery, Company K Private John K. Ingle (2 letters) Internal
   25th Indiana Infantry, Company C Private Joseph Saberton (20 letters) Internal
   29th Indiana Infantry, Company E Private Robert W. Christie (1 letter) Internal
   29th Indiana Infantry, Company E Private John Harvey Grable (2 letters) Internal
   123rd Indiana Infantry, Company F Private John Miller (34 letters) Internal
   133rd Indiana Infantry Colonel Robert Hudson (1 letter) Internal
   13th Iowa Infantry Assistant Surgeon Seneca B. Thrall (44 letters) Internal
   36th Iowa Infantry, Company A Private Newton Robert Scott (16 letters) External
   8th Michigan Infantry, Company D Private Dirk Keppel KIA on 4/16/1862 at Wilmington Island, GA (14 letters) Internal
   3rd New Hampshire Infantry, Company B Private William H. Walton Died of wounds on 7/21/1864   (1 letter) Internal
   4th New Hampshire Infantry, Company D Sergeant H. B. Morrison (1 letter) Internal
   6th New York Light Artillery Artificer Franklin Moore (2 letters) Internal
   22nd New York Infantry, Company F Captain Frederick E. Ranger (3 letters) Internal
   2nd Ohio Cavalry Surgeon Napoleon B. Brisbine (2 letters) External
   30th Ohio Infantry, Company A Private William Henry Harrison Canter (1 letter) Internal
   94th Ohio Infantry, Company I Private Josiah Reed (7 letters) Internal
   1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery B (43rd Regiment) James Hemphill Maclay Internal
   149th Pennsylvania Infantry (2nd Bucktails) Private Isaac Oliver (1 letter) Internal
   4th West Virginia Infantry, Company G Sergeant John T. Greer (1 letter) Internal
   5th Wisconsin Infantry, Company D Private James Powers (1 letter) Internal
   5th Alabama Infantry, Company D Private Richard H. Adams (POW Letters) External
   7th Georgia Infantry, Company G (Franklin Volunteers) Zachariah H. J. Benefield (1 letter) Internal
   21st Georgia Infantry, Company G Private Thomas Jefferson Wright (1 letter) Internal
   63rd Tennessee Infantry Colonel Abram Fulkerson, Jr. (3 letters) External
   4th Virginia Infantry, Company I 2nd Sergeant John A. Ervine (1 letter) External
   23rd Virginia Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Clayton G. Coleman (2 letters) External
   24th Virginia Infantry Lieutenant Colonel William Weldon Bentley (1 letter) External
   27th Virginia Infantry, Company C 3rd Sergeant John Garibaldi (38 letters) External
   37th Virginia Infantry Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson (8 letters) External
   47th Virginia Infantry, Company I Captain Samuel S. Brooke (2 letters) External
   49th Virginia Infantry, Company E Private Joseph Milton Elkins (3 letters) Internal
   52nd Virginia Infantry, Company B Private Henry H. Dedrick (19 letters) External
   Rockbridge Rifles Robert H. Campbell and Charles Varner (8 letters) External



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