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George Frederick Elliott, Jr was from Hartford, CT and mustered in on June 9, 1861 as a Private in Company A, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery. Private Elliott was promoted to Artificer (armourer) and mustered out on June 8, 1864. George's brother James also served in the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery, while his brother Edward served in the 5th Connecticut Infantry. Edward disappeared during the War and it is unknown if he deserted or was killed (A letter written to his parents in 1863 from Canada is believed to be from Edward, indicating he probably deserted)


January 22, 1862 (Fort Scott, Alexandria, VA)

May 22, 1863 (Fort Blenker, Alexandria, VA)

December 11, 1863 (Fort Reynolds, Virginia)



Fort Scott. Jan 22nd/62

Dear Mother

James has just been here with a telegraphic despatch of the Death of Father Just as I had written the last sentence in a letter to Father. James tried to obtain a furlough for us to attend the Funeral but it was beyond the power of our Col to grant it as he had Orders from Gen McLellan not to grant any furloughs on any account Please tell me all about Fathers Death and the circumstances atending it.

I remain as ever

Your Affectionate

Son George F. Elliott


P.S. You will find the letter that I had just written to Father enclosed with this.

Please tell me the Necesities of the Family, and what it is best to, and whether Father was much in dept.

Give my Love to all of the Children Yours &c



Fort Blenker  May 22nd/ 63

Dear Mother

I hope that you will not think that I meant to neglect you because I did not write before, the fact is I did not have anything to say and So I Said nothing, now our State Bounty has come due I take the earliest opportunity to make it payable to your order and you will find the blank (which will be complete with your Signature on the back of it) Enclosed. I have been pretty busy in the Fort Since I returned to duty from Home the Evenings are Short but when I am not to tired I employ them by Studying and Drafting at which I progress, as Soon as it is convenient I wish you would enclose one or two Dollars and Send it to me per Mail, but dont you cramp yourself at any rate one payment of two months is due us but I guess that we Shall not get it till we get another with it. So if you need money dont you go without as long as I have any in Pratt St.

I have been well ever Since my return to duty. I have not Seen James for two or three Weeks but I intend to See him to day before I close this letter and perhaps he will drop you a line. Dr. Bunce is at our Regimental Hospital with his Wife and Family. Secretary Wells Daughter was with them yesterday and all of them came over here to visit our Capt just before Sunset last evening. the Dr is very much liked by our Regt which is more than I can say of most of the Drs that we have had and we have had no less than Seven, I cant think of any more to Say So give my Love to the Children and I will close, as ever your

                                                                                    Affectionate Son

                                                                                    George F. Elliott

[written up the left margin of page three] There is a rumor that we shall get our pay next week.

Dear Mother as George is here and gives me a chance to write a line I will just say that I am well.

I shall keep my state order as I need a little money now if you need any before I send you know where to get it. Leottie is unwell again. Love to all, James


Fort Reynolds, VA

Dec 11th/63

Dear Mother

I have been waiting ever since Thanksgiving to hear from you but nary a letter do I get from you, but James and myself recd a box from home two weeks ago tomorrow and we found every thing in good condition and I will assure you that we enjoyed the contents and I only hope that you did not send any thing that you needed. To day another batch of Recruits has reached us and Albert Gardiner was one of the No.

    Enclosed you will find Twenty Dollars. I should have sent it much sooner but I knew that James had sent you the same amount and I was waiting to hear from you but now I have waited a little over three weeks since pay day and I think that it is best to send it along for in three or four weeks more we ought to receive our next pay. The time wears slowly away and the end approaches plainer to view. Tell Sis that I think she is rather slow about replying to my last. I did not commence to write this letter untill the middle of the evening and I shall not have time to fill this sheet.

    I was over to see James last evening and he has some of those Chesnuts left and he gave me some. Tell Sis to tell Jane Roe that I have just got some photographs taken and they are good ones and I am ready to fulfill my promise now by exchanging with her. I should have done so before but these are the first pictures which I have had taken since I saw her. I did not forget my promise to her that I would exchange with her. I am still at work on the barracks. I must close hoping the money in this letter will reach you all safe and before you are pressed for the need of it. I remain your Affectionate Son

George F. Elliott




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