Private Isaac Oliver:

A Union Letter


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This letter was written on October 12, 1862. He was a private in Company F, 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (2nd Bucktails). The letter is transcribed as it was written by Private Oliver.


Camp Mcneal  Meredian Hill
October the 12.1862

    I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present and hope that those few line may find you enjoying the same blessing. I started at soldiering beter than two months ago. I inlisted in a company called Co. F 149 Reg. P.B.V.  We are now in a camp called camp McNeal on Meridian hill near the sity of Washington. We are not near all the time in camp. We are the most of the time out to guard hospittle at town and other places part of the regiment has moved there tents to town, I expect that hour company will move before this weak is out, but I do not no for sure; it has bin warm and dry ever since we have bin down here until last fri night about 1 o’clock, it comenced raining and poured it down untill about four. I had to go on guard at four so I got shet of standing in the rain for that night since that night it has fellt like husking corn it is raining this after noon.

    I am in my tent my seat is a knapsack, my deck is a portfolio this is as good a seat as I ever git. Without it is a chore. It is said that he that is born of Woman  and inlisteth in the 149 Reg Co. F, his days are few and short of rations. He cometh forth tato and retireth at rollcall much soldiering hath made him sharp, yea, even so that the sete of his britches is in danger of being cut through. They are all honest, they take nothing that they cannot reach they capture the most butifull prize packages of paper and walk off rejoicing.

    The boys are all brothers and work to each others honor. They as grate set of fellows for fun and have all the furnishings able for what one dont know another do and so they have some thing a going all the time. So the time goes I can’t tell whare if it gets wet and mayby it won’t be quite so nice as it has bin since we have bin down here. No more at present. I send my Respects to all inquiring friends. Tell all that inquires after me that I want them to write to and I will answer those leters as soon as I can write and tell me who is there and who has went to war. I want you to write and answer this as soon as you get it and oblige yours,

Isaac Oliver To I B Ikeler

Direct your letter to

Co F 149 R.P.BV

Camp Mcneal

Washington D.C

in care of

Captain ES Osborne


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