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Two letters written by Franklin Moore, who enlisted in the 6th New York Light Artillery on June 15, 1861 as a Private. He was mustered out on June 21, 1864.


January 21, 1862 - to his parents (Budd's Ferry, Maryland)

February 26, 1862 - (Budd's Ferry, Maryland)


Budds Ferry, Maryland

January 12, 1862

Dear Pairents,

I received your letter in due time and was very glad to hear that you were all well I received one from Isaac to day he writes that you ware all well he also writes that thiare has ben quite good slaying. We haven’t had but one snow storm here and that hardly covered the ground The wether has ben quite warm for the last few days I am siting out in the open air wile I write this I took a ride over to see the Woodbridge boys yesterday they ware all well Dalley expects to start for home tomorrow he has been over here twice to see us the boys wants him to wait til they get paid of so they can send some of their money home We expect to get paid of Monday or TuesdayI gave him one of our bomb shell to take home with him I will send one home if I can moutch another one it will be quite a curiosity to them that has never seen one I should liked to a ben home to eat some of that turkey with you on New Years day It was the dullest New Years I ever spent but I felt bout as well next day Thare has been considerable firing acrost the river at our men on this side since last night but they have not don any damage as yet give my respects to all enquireing friends I am well at present hopeing these few lines will find you all the same

I remain yours


Franklin Moore

Cap. F B Buntings

6th New York Battery

Budds Ferry Maryland

Gen Hookers Division

Budds Ferry, Md

February 26, 1862

            I have just received your letter and was very glad to hear that you ware all well I am enjoying very good health at present Thare is no news to write about except what we get from the papers and them you get more regular then we do We have had quite plesent weather for the last few days back I was over to see the Woodbridge Boys last Monday they ware all well I should liked to ben home to see ant Jane and the rest of the folks it has ben over a year since I have seen any of them I am glad to hear Miss Crowell is enjoying herself so well a sleigh riding and hope she will continue the weak out you do not say who that young lady was that did not know me John Henry is still in the guard house yet but they see better times than the rest of the boys they don’t have any guard duty to do and they go around camp whan they are a mind to Bramhall is trying to get them out not having any thing els to write about I shal have to bring this to a close give my best rispects to all enquireing friends

I remain yours


Franklin Moore



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