William Norton:

A Union Letter


This letter was written by William Norton to his mother, on October 8,1862. He appears to have been a member of Company C, 7th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
Note: This letter is transcribed as William has written it.

Submitted by David Dunbar


Hilton Head

Oct. 8th, 1862

My Dear Mother,

    Hearing that there is a mail going out this afternoon I thought I would improve the opportunity and write you a few lines.

    I am sorry to tell you I am not very well at present. I was taken sick about three weeks ago with chronic diarhea, and have been in the hospital about a fortnight. I have been pretty sick but I am getting better now and hope to be well in a few days.

    I would like to have you send me some things which will come better in a barrel than in anything else. I should like some good fresh eggs, a bottle of preserves, some lemons if you can get some good ones, some ginger root. Some butter would be very nice, it will come better in a tin can than in anything else. I would like some sugar too. I wish you would send a bottle of good Cider Vinegar also-

    I would like some pickled onions, and some dried apples. Some prepared chocalate would taste(?) first rate, as we do not get good tea and coffee.

    A towel and a couple of handkercheifs will be very acceptable also. If there is any room for anything else I wish that you would fill it up with onions and good sound apples that are not quite ripe that they will keep better. Direct to the care of Capt. Sanford, Co C, 7th Regt. Conn Vols. _____ DD Tompkins Esq Asst. Q M General No 6 State St. N.Y. Please send it as soon as possible.

    I have not heard from you since I have been here but should like to do so every mail. If convenient please send $5.00 the next time you write.

    Give love to all enquiring friends, and believe me -

Ever your aff son

William _(?) Norton


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