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Two letters written by Private John Harvey Grable a few short months before his death at Chattanooga on July 1, 1864. Private Grable enlisted on October 13, 1861 in Company E of the 29th Indiana Infantry.


March 11, 1864 - to his sister (Ooltewah, Tennessee)

April 9, 1864 - to his sister (Chattanooga, Tennessee)



Camp Near Oolttawaeh Tennessee

Fryday March 11th, 1864

Dear Sister,

It is with grate plesur that I once more set my self down to drop you a few lines for anser to your kind leter wich I receved kast Wednesday and I was glad to hear that you was all well.

I am well but feal sleapy for I just came of my picket and it raned last night and I didend git to sleap any well we have harder times now than we have had fore a while we hafta drill three ours a day when we hant on picket Well dear sister I hant got much to wright you this time Tim Treane is heare now he came up from the regiment to sea us the regiment is at Chattanooga I guess thay air stachenary there for a month or sow eny how Tim looks pretty well since he was at home he is still male caryer the  Ind regiment has got back to there brigad and thay was out on a scout and got a mongst the rebels and lost two of there men a redy they don’t now wether thay was kild or taken prisners well I don’t now wether we will gow back to our regiment or not.

Well Mary hant got eny more of importence to wright you I am sory for Lem Purnell for having such bad

luck after giting married Well we have had sum prety warm wether for the last three or four days the peachtreas is in full blume we have had a good deale of rane for a while wele no more this time I will wright often and I want you to do the same please wright sune as you git this no more

I still remain your will wishing brother

J H Grable to Mary Grable

Pleas wright sune if you can

Camp at Chattanooga Tennessee

Sunday, Aprile 9th, 1864

Dear Sister,

It is once more that I can take the pleser of writing you a few lines to let you now that I am well at the present time and I hope this will find you all injoying the sameblessen I received your kind and welking leter day before yesterday of the  of last month I was very glad to hear from you but I was sorry to hear that you had such a sore arm but that was beter that having the smallpox.

I was a feard that I would have sum truble to git my leters since I come back to the regiment but when thay come to the army thay remale them and thay come wright to the regiment but it takes them a little longer well I wish that we wouldend a got to come back to the regiment we hafta bee on duty every day ferreting one day and picket the next we never had as much duty to do in our lives before we hafta just bea on the trote all the time and I think we have a very sickly place to camp we git our water out of a well the same well that we got water out of last fall when we were camped heare after Chickamaga battle the colonel says that we will git to stay heare all sumer but I don’t want to for I now that it will be the sickelyist place ever was for there has bin sow meny trups camped heare and sow meny ded mules and horses.

Well we have lotes of duty to do and we draw lotes of rashens we draw lite bred all the time

and other day we drew potaters dried aples pickled cabeg and lotes of meat cofey and sugar and a person can by waterhe wants hear Chattanooga has got to bea a quite a business you nedin send me eny posteg stampes now for I can git as many as I want heare now and you can git sumthing for your self with that doler.

Well I must tell you the veterans don’t have much to say to us sum of tem are sick of there bargen thay wish now that thay was in our place there is a good meny of the new recrutes is at the hospital with the mesles that there John Wilson is a ofell looking fellow that went to sea Sen.

Well I hant got eny more this time to wright you we have still cole wether heare well no more this time please wright as sune as you git this if you plese no more

I still remain your sincere brother

John Harvey Grable

To Mary F Grable wright soon

Deare sister plese wright sune


You must look

At that a bove

And then you will

Sune wright to your

Brother love



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