Sergeant John T. Greer:

A Union Letter


This letter was written to his sister, on April 8, 1862. He entered the service as the 7th Corporal of Company G, 4th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry. In his letters, he writes that he is in the "4th Virginia Foot Volunteers". His letter's byline is Ceredo, Virginia, which should be West Virginia, I believe. The letter is transcribed as it was written by Sergeant Greer.


Ceredo, Virginia

April 8th, 1862

Dear Sister,

I take my pen in hand to in form you that I am well at present hoping that these few lines may find you all well and enjoying good health. We are all well at present and still here at Ceredo. I received your letters that you sent by Ephram and was glad to here that you was all well. I expected to have been home before this time but things has turned out so that I could not come but I think I will get to come now before long. I cant tell when we will leave here but I expect we will leave be fore long but I think I will get to come home first. The is some of our boys gone home now and I want to try and get a furlow as sune as they get back. Ephram brought me a piese of the wedding cake bak and I thought that it eat very well but the shugar suited my taste the best but the both suited my tast very well. I dont believe if it was not for som one a pasing by once and a while that I would never get a letter from home for I have never got but one letter that come by male yet. I suppose that Sam Love is above a common man or else he would wright once and a while to me. I have rote two or three letters to him and I dont intend to wright any more to him for I dont care for no one that dont care for me for I am jis as independent as any one. I have rote two or three letters to the Rebbs out in Jackson and the never rote any answers so let them git while they are yong and full of secesh let them go the will find out somday which way the money goes it goes the word. So nothing more at present but wright sune, John T Greer

Head Quarters

Ceredo, VA

John T Greer of

Company G, 4th Va

Foot Volunteers

When this you sea

Remember me

John T. Greer of Mason

County Virginia, 1862



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