William Henry Harrison Canter:

A Union Letter


I am sending you a copy of my great uncle William Henry Harrison Canter’s first letter to his mom. He enlisted in Company A, 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1861 at the age of 20. He was 6’2-1/2" tall, light hair, light complexion. He was a farmer from Maybees Corner, Jackson County, Ohio.

Submitted by Leota Canter


May 23, 1862 Roller, MD

Deer mother,

Ituk this time tunnite to informe you that iwas well and hope these fieu lines will finde you all well. We are in roller County. Yesteday we went 40 milse back to flat top mountain. If we would stade on the easte river twenty four ours longer we woode aseede Richmonde.

Three thousan come in behinde us and tha hapend to be too Companys of the Zouave was there and afieu Cavalry. Tha foute them half aday. The rebles had three thousande againste too hondarde. The too Zouave Companys charged on them and tuk won Cannon from them and tha saw that tha coodent holde the Canon and tha spiked the Cannon.

We come out in the evening and loude to surrounde them. Tha was six thousande rite behinde us. Tha was too meney for us and then tha was after our team of horses but the horses ran away acomen back to us.

Our Cournel he bet ahondard dollars that the wor woode stop in thirty days. I wish hit was over now for iam tierde astayen here in the sirvise.

Imuste stop ritin soon. Direct your leters to roller Md in care of Captain Hayse. He was our lieutenant but he is our Captain.

Tell all to rite to me.


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