What's New in the Civil War Archive


1/31/09 - Additional reports added to the 1863 Battle Reports section in the Research Room.

1/28/09 - Added three letters written by Peter Elliott, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery.

1/25/09 - Added 1st report for the Battle of Chickamauga 1863.

1/25/09 - Added several links to regimental history books in the Research Room.

1/24/09 - Added reports for the Battle of Richmond, KY.

1/18/09 - Added two letters written by John Grable, 29th Indiana Infantry.

1/18/09 - Added one letter written by Robert Christie, 29th Indiana Infantry.

1/17/09 - Added two letter written by Franklin Moore, 6th New York Light Artillery.

1/17/09 - Added one letter written by William Walton, 3rd New Hampshire Infantry.

1/16/09 - Added two letters written by John Ingle, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery.





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