Soldier's Diaries Written In The Field

    This section is also dedicated to the words of those brave men and women who participated in the American Civil War and kept a record of their experiences to pass on to future generations.

    All diaries archived at this site are authentic and have not been edited by me in any way. If you have a diary that was written during the Civil War, please consider submitting it for inclusion on this site. You can get more details at my Submissions Page.


Regiment Identification (Alphabetical) Soldier's Name Internal or External Link
   123rd Indiana Infantry, Company C Private John A. Hiestand External
   35th Massachusetts Infantry, Company I Sergeant Henry W. Tisdale External
   103rd New York Infantry, Company I Private James Cordin Lormor


   128th New York Infantry, Company H Private Joseph W. Crowther External
   103rd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E Private Charles Lepley Internal
   18th Virginia Cavalry, Company F Private Isaac Norval Baker External
   Stuart's Horse Artillery (Capt. John Shoemaker's Battery) William Johnson Black External



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