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Cavalry and Mounted Troops

1st Regiment Cavalry 1st Regiment Cavalry "Yager's" "1st Mounted Rifles"
1st Regiment Cavalry "McCulloch's" "1st Mounted Riflemen"  1st Regiment Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
1st Battalion Cavalry "Crump's" 1st battalion Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
1st Regiment Mounted Reserve Infantry 2nd Regiment Cavalry
2nd Regiment Cavalry "2nd Mounted Rifles" 2nd Regiment Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
2nd Battalion Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864) 3rd Regiment Cavalry "Richardson's"
3rd Regiment Cavalry "South Kansas-Texas Mounted Volunteers" 3rd Regiment Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
3rd Battalion Cavalry "3rd Battalion Mounted Rifles" 3rd Battalion Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
4th Regiment Cavalry "4th Mounted Volunteers" 4th Regiment Cavalry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
5th Regiment Cavalry "5th Mounted Volunteers" 6th Regiment Cavalry "Wharton, Stone's"
6th Battalion Cavalry "Gould's" 7th Regiment Cavalry "7th Mounted Volunteers"
8th Regiment Cavalry "Terry's" "1st Rangers" "8th Rangers" 8th Battalion Cavalry "Taylor's Battalion Mounted Rifles"
9th Regiment Cavalry "Sims'" 9th Battalion Cavalry
10th Regiment Cavalry "Locke's" 10th Battalion State Cavalry "Martin's"
11th Regiment Cavalry 12th Regiment Cavalry "Parson's Mounted Volunteers"
13th Regiment Cavalry "Burnett's" "13th Mounted Volunteers" 14th Regiment Cavalry "Johnson's Mounted Volunteers"
15th Regiment Cavalry 16th Regiment Cavalry "Fitzhugh's"
17th Regiment Cavalry "Moore's" 17th Consolidated Regiment "Texas Dismounted Cavalry"
18th Regiment Cavalry "Darnell's" 19th Regiment Cavalry "Burford's"
20th Regiment Cavalry "Bass'" 21st Regiment Cavalry "1st Texas Lancers"
22nd Regiment Cavalry "1st Indian-Texas Regiment" 23rd Regiment Cavalry "Gould's"
24th Regiment Cavalry "Wilkes'" "2nd Texas Lancers" 24th/25th Consolidated Regiment Cavalry
25th Regiment Cavalry "Gillespie's" "3rd Texas Lancers" 26th Regiment Cavalry "Debray's" "Davis' Mounted Battalion"
27th Regiment Cavalry "Whitfield's Legion" "1st Texas Legion" 28th Regiment Cavalry "Randal's" "1st Texas Lancers"
29th Regiment Cavalry "DeMorse's" 30th Regiment Cavalry "Gurley's" "1st Texas Partisan Rangers"
31st Regiment Cavalry "Hawpe's" 32nd Regiment Cavalry "Crump's Battalion Mounted Volunteers"
33rd Regiment Cavalry "Duff's Partisan Rangers" 34th Regiment Cavalry "Alexander's" "2nd Texas Partisan Rangers"
35th Regiment Cavalry 35th Regiment Cavalry "Brown's"
35th Regiment Cavalry "Likens'" 36th Regiment Cavalry "Woods''"
37th Regiment Cavalry "Terrell's" 40th Regiment Cavalry
42nd Regiment Cavalry 47th Regiment Cavalry
Baird's Regiment Cavalry "Showalter's" "4th Regiment, Arizona Brigade" Barnes' Regiment Cavalry
Baylor's Regiment Cavalry "2nd Regiment, Arizona Brigade" Benavides' Regiment Cavalry
Biours Cavalry Volunteers Bone's Company Cavalry
Border's Battalion Cavalry Border's Regiment Cavalry "Anderson's"
Bourland's Regiment Cavalry "Border Regiment" Byron's Cavalry
Cater's Battalion Infantry Chisum's Regiment Dismounted Cavalry "Stone's" "2nd Texas Partisan Rangers"
Collins Cavalry Colton's Regiment Cavalry
Coopwood's Spy Company, Texas Cavalry Crump's Regiment Cavalry "Lane's" "1st Texas Partisan Rangers"
Davis' Battalion Cavalry Dawson's Cavalry
Deshler's Regiment Cavalry Dewitt's Battalion Cavalry
Doughty's Company Cavalry State Troops "Refugio Spies" Duff's Cavalry "33rd Regiment Cavalry"
Durant's Company Cavalry "Local Defense" Farrises' Cavalry
Ford's Regiment Cavalry Frontier Regiment Cavalry "46th Regiment Cavalry"
Fulcrod's Battalion Cavalry "Fulcrod's Cadets" Gano's Battalion Cavalry
Giddynight's Regiment Cavalry Gidding's Battalion Cavalry
Good's Battalion Cavalry Goubles Cavalry
Graham's Company Mounted Coast Guard (Texas State Troops) Granbury's Consolidated Brigade Cavalry "1st Consolidated Regiment"
Hampton's Company State Troops "Victoria Blues" "4th Regiment Cavalry" Hardeman's Regiment Cavalry "31st Cavalry" "1st Regiment, Arizona Brigade"
Haywood's Texas Rangers Cavalry" Jameson's Regiment Cavalry"
Johnson's Cavalry Lavaca County Minutemen Cavalry
Lee's Cavalry Lilley's Company Cavalry "Pardoned Deserters"
Mackadson's Cavalry Madison's Regiment Cavalry "Phillips'" "3rd Regiment, Arizona Brigade"
Mann's Regiment Cavalry "Bradford's" Mann's Battalion Cavalry
Martin's Regiment Cavalry "5th Partisan Rangers" McCowan's Cavalry
McCord's Frontier Regiment Cavalry McDowell's Company Cavalry "Lockhart Volunteers"
McGinnis' Battalion Cavalry Reserve Corps Morgan's Regiment Cavalry
Nolan's Mounted Company Cavalry (Local Defense) Norris Regiment Cavalry
Panalosa's Cavalry Patillos Company Cavalry
Paul's Regiment Cavalry Pearson's Company Cavalry "Partisan Rangers" (State Troops)
Peere Battalion Independent Cavalry Ragsdale's Company Cavalry "Red River Dragoons"
Ragsdale's Battalion Cavalry Randolph's Company Cavalry
Ray's Battalion Cavalry Robert's Cavalry
Robertson's Squadron Cavalry Roff's Cavalry
Saufley's Scouting Battalion Cavalry Sayles' Cavalry
Scott's Cavalry Shank's Cavalry
Shoemaker's Cavalry Simm's Battalion Cavalry
Spannes Cavalry Steele's Command Texas Cavalry
Sutton's Company Cavalry "Graham Rangers" Swain's Cavalry
Terry's Mounted Company Cavalry (State Troops) Terry's Regiment Cavalry
Thomas' Company Cavalry "Partisan Rangers" (4 months, 1862-1863) Timmons' Regiment Cavalry
Trevenio's Company Cavalry Trevenio's Squadron Cavalry "Partisan Mounted Volunteers"
Upton's Company Cavalry (Local Defense) Waller's Regiment Cavalry
Well's Regiment Cavalry Well's Battalion Cavalry
Farr's Cavalry Reserve Corps



1st Field Battery Light Artillery "Edgar's Company" 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery
2nd Field Battery Light Artillery 2nd Regiment Artillery
4th Field Battery Light Artillery "Van Dorn's" 4th Battalion Artillery "Shea's"
5th Field Battery Light Artillery 6th Field Battery Light Artillery
7th Field Battery Light Artillery "Moseley's" 8th Field Battery Light Artillery
9th Field Battery Light Artillery "Lamar Artillery" 10th Field Battery Light Artillery
11th Field Battery Light Artillery "Howell's Company" 12th Field Battery Light Artillery "Valverde Battery"
13th Field Battery Light Artillery  "Wilson's - Gonzales' - Hughes'" 14th Field Battery Light Artillery
15th Field Battery Light Artillery 16th Field Battery Light Artillery
17th Field Battery Light Artillery Christmas' Battery Light Artillery
Dege's Battalion Light Artillery Douglas' Company Light Artillery
Eckhart's Battery Artillery Good's Company Light Artillery "Dallas Light Artillery" (State Troops)
Greer's Rocket Battery Artillery Wilson's - Gonzales' - Hughes' Battery Artillery
Jones' Company Light Artillery Pugh's Battalion Artillery
Van Buren's Company Light Artillery



1st Regiment Infantry 1st Regiment Infantry (State Troops)
1st Battalion Infantry "Speight's" 1st Battalion Infantry (State Troops)
1st Regiment Reserve Corps 1st Regiment Texas Rangers
1st Battalion Sharpshooter's "Burnett's" 2nd Regiment Infantry
2nd Regiment Infantry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864) 2nd Regiment Reserves
2nd Regiment Texas Rangers 3rd Regiment Infantry
3rd Regiment Infantry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864) 3rd Battalion Volunteers "Kirby's"
3rd Regiment Reserve Corps 4th Regiment Infantry
4th Regiment Infantry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864) 4th Battalion Infantry (6 months, 1861-1862)
4th Regiment Reserve Infantry 4th Regiment Texas Rangers
5th Regiment Infantry 5th Regiment Infantry State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
5th Regiment Texas Rangers 6th Regiment Infantry
6th Battalion Infantry "Liken's" 6th Regiment Texas Scouts
6th/15th Consolidated Regiment Volunteers 7th Regiment Infantry "Gregg's"
8th Regiment Infantry "Hobby's" 8th Regiment Reserves
9th Regiment Infantry "Maxey's" "Young's" 9th Regiment Infantry "Nichol's" (6 months, 1861-1862)
9th Battalion Reserve Corps 10th Regiment Infantry "Nelson's"
11th Regiment Infantry 11th Regiment Infantry "Roberts'"
11th Battalion Volunteers (Cavalry & Infantry) "Spaight's" 12th Regiment Infantry (Young's)
13th Regiment Volunteers 14th Regiment Infantry "Clark's"
15th Regiment Infantry 16th Regiment Infantry "Flournoy's"
16th Battalion State Troops 17th Regiment Infantry "Allen's"
18th Regiment Infantry "Ochiltree's" 19th Regiment Infantry
20th Regiment Infantry "Elmore's" 20th Battalion State Troops
21st Regiment Infantry 22nd Regiment Infantry "Hubbard's"
24th Battalion Infantry State Troops 25th Regiment Infantry
28th Regiment Infantry 30th Regiment State Troops
30th Battalion State Troops 31st Battalion Infantry
Anderson's Battalion Reserve Corps Arnold's Company Infantry Riflemen "Militia"
Atkin's Company Infantry State Troops "Galveston Coast Guards" Bailey's Consolidated Infantry Regiment
Barnes' Reserve Corps Barnes' Infantry
Bauvinghauser's Company Reserve Corps Bean's Battalion Reserve Corps
Benton's Company Volunteers Brazoria County Minutemen Infantry
Watts Cameron's Company Infantry Carter's Company Infantry "Austin City Light Infantry"
Chambers' Battalion Reserve Corps Infantry Comal County Battalion Reserves
Cooper's Battalion Volunteers Cotton's Company Infantry "Sabine Volunteers"
Crescent Infantry Cunningham's Company Infantry "Mustang Grays"
Currie's Company Infantry Dallas Reserve Corps
Duke's Reserve Corps Duke's Company Volunteers "Jefferson Guards"
Earl's Company State Infantry Edgar's Company State Troops "Alamo City Guards"
Evans' Battalion Reserve Corps Fall's Reserve Corps
Galveston Rifles  Glasgow Regiment Infantry
Gould's Company State Troops "Clarksville Light Infantry" Griffin's Battalion Infantry "Griffin's Regiment" "21st Infantry"
Henderson's Battalion Infantry Hill's Scouts
Horton's Rangers Houston Battalion Infantry (Detailed Men)
Hunter's Regiment State Militia Jamison's Reserves
Jones Company Reserve Corps Jones' State Militia
Kennard's Battalion Reserve Corps Kennard's Battalion Infantry
Killough's Company Home Guards "Wheelock Home Guards" Lindell's Rangers
Maxey's Company Light Infantry and Riflemen "Lamar Rifles" McMinn's Company
McNelly's Scouts McNeel's Company Local Defense Troops "McNeel's Coast Guards"
Merriman's Company Local Defense Troops "Orange County Coast Guards" Perry's Company Local Defense Troops "Fort Bend Scouts"
Rainey's Company Volunteers Robertson's Regiment State Troops
Rutherford's Company Infantry Simms' Company Home Guards
Smith's Reserves Stith's Reserve Corps
Teague's Company Volunteers "Southern Rights Guards" Teel's Company State Troops (6 months, 1861)
Timmon's Reserve Corps Timmon's Regiment Infantry
Townsend's Company Infantry "Robertson Five Shooters" Waul's Legion
Whaley's Company Infantry Wharton's Scouts
White's Battalion Volunteer Infantry Whitefield's Legion "1st Texas Legion" "27th Cavalry"
Yarbrough's Company Infantry "Smith County Light Infantry"


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