Confederate Regimental Index


South Carolina




Cavalry and Mounted Troops

1st Regiment Cavalry 1st Regiment Mounted Militia
1st Regiment Mounted Reserves 2nd Regiment Cavalry
2nd Battalion Cavalry Reserves 3rd Regiment Cavalry
4th Regiment Cavalry "Rutledge's" 4th Battalion Cavalry
4th Regiment Cavalry (Militia) 5th Regiment Cavalry "Ferguson's"
6th Regiment Cavalry "Aiken's Partisan Rangers" (1st Partisan Rangers) 7th Regiment Cavalry
8th Regiment Cavalry 9th Regiment Cavalry
10th Battalion Cavalry 11th Regiment Cavalry
12th Battalion Cavalry (4th Squadron) 14th Battalion Cavalry
15th Regiment Cavalry 16th Regiment Cavalry
17th Battalion Cavalry (6th) 19th Battalion Cavalry
A W. Cordes' Company Cavalry "North Santee Mounted Rifles" Aiken's Mounted Infantry
Allen's Company Cavalry Barlen's Independent Company Cavalry
Brabham's Independent Company Cavalry DeSaussure's Squadron Cavalry
Earle's Company Cavalry Mason's Company Cavalry
Mim's Independent Company Cavalry Percival's Independent Company Cavalry
Rutledge's Company Cavalry Militia "Charleston Light Dragoons" Rodger's Company Cavalry (State Troops)
Theodore Cordes' Company Cavalry Militia "German Hussars" Shaw's Company Cavalry
Tucker's Company Cavalry Trenholm's Company Militia "Rutledge Mounted Riflemen"
Walpole's Company Cavalry "Stono Scouts" Walker's Squadron Cavalry
West's Independent Company Cavalry Wilson's Independent Company Cavalry



1st Regiment Artillery 1st Regiment Artillery (Militia)
2nd Regiment Artillery 2nd Regiment Heavy Artillery
3rd Battalion Light Artillery "Palmetto Battalion" 4th Regiment Artillery
9th Regiment Artillery 15th Battalion Heavy Artillery "Lucas'"
18th Regiment Artillery 22nd Regiment Artillery
Bachman's Company Artillery "German Light Artillery" Beauregard's Company Light Artillery "Ferguson's"
Child's Company Artillery "Winder's" Ferguson's Battalion Artillery
Fickling's Company Artillery "Brooks Light Artillery" Gaillard's Company Light Artillery "Santee Light Artillery"
Garden's Company Light Artillery "Palmetto Light Battery" Gilchrist's Company Heavy Artillery "Gist Guard"
Gregg's Company Artillery "McQueen Light Artillery" Hart's Company Horse Artillery Volunteers "Washington Artillery"
Higgins' Artillery Jeter's Company Light Artillery "Macneth Light Artillery"
Kanapaux's Company Light Artillery "Lafayette Artillery" Kelly's Company Light Artillery "Chesterfield Artillery"
Lee's Company Artillery Lock's Battery
Manigault's Battalion Artillery Mathewes' Company Heavy Artillery "Bonneau's"
Melcher's Company Artillery "Battery B, German Artillery" Parker's Company Light Artillery "Marion Artillery"
Rhett's Artillery Stuart's Company Artillery "Beaufort Volunteer Artillery"
Trenholm's Company, Rutledge  Horse Artillery Wagener's Company Light ARtillery "Company A, German Artillery"
Walker's Artillery Walter's Company Light Artillery "Washington Artillery"
Ward's Company Artillery "Waccamaw Light Artillery" Williams' Battery Artillery
Zimmerman's Company Artillery "Pee Dee Artillery" 7th Regiment Engineers



1st Regiment Infantry (6 months, 1861) 1st Regiment Infantry
1st Regiment Infantry "Hagood's" 1st Regiment Infantry "McCreary's" (1st Provisional Army)
1st Regiment Infantry "Butler's (1st Regulars) 1st Regiment Rifles "Orr's"
1st Regiment Rifles "Branch's" (Militia) 1st Battalion Infantry
1st Battalion Infantry "Gaillard's" (Charleston) 1st Regiment Militia
1st Regiment Militia "Charleston Reserves" 1st Regiment State Troops
1st Battalion State Troops 1st Regiment Reserves
1st Battalion Reserves 1st Regiment Pioneers
1st Regiment Sharpshooters 1st Regiment Charleston Guard
2nd Regiment Infantry 2nd Regiment Infantry "2nd Palmetto Regiment"
2nd Regiment Rifles 2nd Battalion Infantry
2nd Regiment Militia 2nd Regiment State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
2nd Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863) 2nd Regiment Infantry Reserve
2nd Battalion Reserves 2nd Battalion Sharpshooters
2nd Regiment Cadets Infantry 3rd Regiment Infantry
3rd Battalion Infantry "Laurens'" (James') 3rd Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863)
3rd Battalion Reserves 3rd Regiment State Troops (6 months, 1863-1864)
3rd Regiment Militia 4th Regiment Infantry
4th Regiment Reserves 4th Battalion Reserves
4th Regiment Militia 4th Regiment State Troops
5th Regiment Infantry 5th Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863)
5th Battalion Reserves "Brown's" 5th Regiment Rifles
5th Regiment Militia 5th Regiment State Troops
6th Regiment Infantry 6th Battalion Infantry "Byrd's"
6th Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863) 6th Battalion Reserves "Meriwether's"
7th Regiment Infantry 7th Battalion Infantry "Nelson's" "Enfield Rifles"
7th Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863) 7th Battalion Reserves "Ward's"
7th Regiment Militia 8th Regiment Infantry
8th Regiment Reserves 8th Battalion Reserves "Stalling's"
9th Regiment Infantry 9th Battalion Infantry "Smith's" "Pee Dee Legion"
9th Regiment Reserves 10th Regiment Infantry
11th Regiment Infantry "9th Volunteers" 11th Regiment Reserves (90 days, 1862-1863)
12th Regiment Infantry 13th Regiment Infantry
13th Battalion Infantry "Mattison's" (4th) 14th Regiment Infantry
14th Regiment Militia 15th Regiment Infantry
15th Regiment Militia 16th Regiment Infantry "greenville Regiment"
16th/24th Regiment Consolidated Infantry 16th Regiment Militia
17th Regiment Infantry 17th Regiment Militia
18th Regiment Infantry 18th Regiment Militia
19th Regiment Infantry 20th Regiment Infantry
21st Regiment Infantry 22nd Regiment Infantry
23rd Regiment Infantry (Hatch's Coast Rangers" 24th Regiment Infantry
24th Regiment Militia 25th Regiment Infantry "Eutaw Regiment"
25th Regiment Militia 26th Regiment Infantry
27th Regiment Infantry "Gaillard's" 28th Regiment Infantry
29th Regiment Infantry  33rd Regiment Infantry
34th Regiment Infantry 37th Regiment INfantry
38th Regiment Infantry 40th Regiment Infantry
42nd Regiment Infantry 43rd Regiment Infantry
47th Regiment Infantry 51st Regiment Infantry
Blake's Independent Battalion Infantry Blanchard's Brigade
Blann's Battalion Infantry Charleston Arsenal Battalion (Local Defense Troops)
Charbonnier's Company Militia "Pickens Rifles" Darrough's Battalion Infantry
Dotterer's Company Ordnance Guards (Local Defense Troops) Duncan's Militia
Durham's Battalion Estill's Company Infantry (Local Defense Troops - Arsenal Guard, Charleston)
Frashier's Independent Battalion Infantry Frenche's Company Infantry
Hamilton's Company Provost Guard Hampton Legion
Hayard's Battalion Infantry Hender's Battalion Infantry
Holcombe Legion Hutton's Infantry
Partisan Rangers "Captain Kirk's Company" Kirk's Battalion
Manigault's Battalion Volunteers Neal's Battalion
Rhett's Company "Brooks Home Guards" South Carolina River Corps
Rump's Regiment Infantry Senn's Company Post Guard
Shiver's Company (Local Defense Troops) Simon's Company Volunteers "Etiwan Rangers"
State Cadets Battalion (Local Defense Troops) Symon's Company Sea Fencibles
Walker's Battalion Infantry


Regimental Index

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