Confederate Regimental Index






Cavalry and Mounted Troops

1st Regiment Cavalry 1st Regiment Cavalry Reserves
1st Battalion Cavalry "Miller's" 1st Battalion Cavalry (State Troops)
1st Choctaw Battalion Cavalry 2nd Regiment Cavalry
2nd Regiment State Cavalry 2nd Regiment Cavalry Reserves
2nd Battalion State Cavalry "Harris'" 2nd Battalion Cavalry Reserves
3rd Regiment Cavalry 3rd Regiment State Cavalry
3rd/14th/38th Regiment Consolidated Cavalry 3rd Regiment Cavalry Reserves
3rd Battalion Cavalry "Ashcraft's" 3rd Battalion State Cavalry "Cooper's"
3rd Battalion Cavalry Reserves 4th Regiment Cavalry
4th Regiment Militia Cavalry  4th Battalion Cavalry
5th Regiment Cavalry 6th Regiment Cavalry
6th Regiment Cavalry Reserve 6th Battalion Cavalry
7th Regiment Cavalry 8th Regiment Cavalry
9th Regiment Cavalry 10th Regiment Cavalry
11th Regiment Cavalry 11th Regiment Consolidated Cavalry
12th Regiment Cavalry 13th Regiment Cavalry
14th Regiment Cavalry 15th Regiment Cavalry
17th Regiment Cavalry 18th Regiment Cavalry
19th Regiment Cavalry 20th Regiment Cavalry
22nd Regiment Cavalry 24th Battalion Cavalry "Moorman's"
26th Regiment Cavalry 27th Regiment Cavalry
28th Regiment Cavalry 30th Regiment Cavalry
31st Regiment Cavalry 34th Regiment Cavalry
38th Regiment Cavalry 41st Regiment Cavalry
Abbott's Company Cavalry Ashby's Company Cavalry Reserves
Bowen's Company Cavalry "Chulahoma Cavalry" Breckenridge's Escort Cavalry
Brown's Company Cavalry "Foster Creek Rangers" Buck's Company Cavalry
Butler's Company Cavalry Reserves Collins' Cavalry
Cox's Regiment Cavalry Crumby's Regiment Cavalry
Davenport's Battalion Cavalry (State Troops) Drane's Company Cavalry "Choctaw County Reserves"
Duncan's Company Cavalry "Tishimingo Rangers" Dunn's Company Cavalry "Mississippi Rangers"
Fay's Cavalry Foote's Company Mounted Men
Gamblin's Company Cavalry (State Troops) Garland's Battalion Cavalry
Gartley's Company Cavalry "Yazoo Rangers" Gibson's Cavalry
Gillam's Cavalry Gordon's Cavalry
Grace's Company Cavalry (State Troops) Graves' Company "Copiah Horse Guards"
Hamer's Company Cavalry "Salem Cavalry" Ham's Regiment Cavalry
Hodge's Battalion Cavalry Hughes' Battalion Cavalry
Hunter's Cavalry Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry
Jones' Company Cavalry Knox's Company Cavalry "Stonewall Rangers"
Lake's Unattached Company Cavalry Lynges Battalion Cavalry
Martland's Cavalry Maxey's Company Mounted Infantry (State Troops)
Mitchell's Company Cavalry Reserves Nelson's Regiment Cavalry
Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry Polk's Independent Company Cavalry "Polk Rangers"
Power's Regiment Cavalry Raum's Company Cavalry "Warren Dragoons"
Rhodes' Company Cavalry "Partisan Rangers" Robertson's Unattached Company Cavalry
Russell's Company Cavalry Sander's Cavalry
Semple's Company Cavalry Shelby's Company Cavalry "Bolivar Greys"
Sooney's Regiment Cavalry Stockdale's Battalion Cavalry
Street's Battalion Cavalry Stubbs' Battalion State Cavalry
Terrell's Unattached Company Cavalry Vivion's Company Cavalry
Weatherall's Mounted Company (State Troops) Williams' Company Cavalry
Wilson's Independent Company Mounted Men "Neshoba Rangers" Yerger's Regiment Cavalry



1st Regiment Light Artillery 2nd Regiment Artillery
3rd Battery Artillery 5th Battery Artillery
10th Battery Artillery 14th Battalion Light Artillery
18th Battery Artillery Bradford's Company Artillery "Confederate Guards Artillery"
Byrne's Battery Artillery Cook's Company Horse Artillery
Culbertson's Battery Light Artillery Darden's Company Light Artillery "Jefferson Artillery"
English's Company Light Artillery Graves' Company Light Artillery "Issaquena Artillery"
Hoole's Company Light Artillery "Hudson Battery" Hoskins' Battery Light Artillery "Brookhaven Light Artillery"
Kittrell's Company Artillery "Wesson Artillery" Lomax's Company Light Artillery
Merrin's Battery Light Artillery Rice's Battery Artillery
Richards' Company Light Artillery "Madison Light Artillery" Roberts' Company Artillery "Seven Stars Artillery"
Stanford's Company Light Artillery Swett's Company Light Artillery "Warren Light Artillery"
Turner's Company Light Artillery Yates' Battery Light Artillery



1st Regiment Infantry "Foote's" (State Troops) 1st Regiment Infantry "Johnston's"
1st Regiment Infantry "King's" (State Troops) 1st Regiment Infantry "Patton's" (Army of 10,000)
1st Regiment Infantry "Percy's" (Army of 10,000) 1st Regiment Infantry (State Troops, 1864)
1st Battalion Infantry 1st Battalion Infantry (Army of 10,000)
1st Battalion Infantry (State Troops, 12 months, 1862-1863) 1st Battalion Infantry (State Troops, 30 days, 1864)
1st Regiment Infantry Reserves 1st Regiment Militia
1st Battalion Sharpshooters 2nd Regiment Infantry
2nd Regiment Infantry "Davidson's" (Army of 10,000) 2nd Regiment Infantry "Quinn's" (State Troops)
2nd Regiment Infantry (30 days, 1864) 2nd Battalion Infantry
2nd Battalion Infantry (State Troops) 2nd Regiment Partisans
2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers 2nd Regiment State Troops
2nd Regiment Infantry Reserves 2nd Battalion Infantry Reserves
2nd Regiment Militia 3rd Regiment Infantry
3rd Regiment Infantry (State Troops) 3rd Regiment Infantry (Army of 10,000)
3rd Battalion Infantry 3rd Battalion Infantry (State Troops)
3rd regiment Infantry Reserves 3rd Battalion Infantry Reserves
4th Regiment Infantry 4th Regiment Infantry (State Troops)
4th Regiment Engineers 5th Regiment Infantry
5th Regiment Infantry (State Troops) 5th Battalion Infantry
6th Regiment Infantry 6th Regiment Infantry (State Troops)
7th Regiment Infantry 7th Battalion Infantry
8th Regiment Infantry 8th Battalion Infantry
9th Regiment Infantry 9th Battalion Sharpshooters
10th Regiment Infantry 10th Regiment Rifles
11th Regiment Infantry 12th Regiment Infantry
13th Regiment Infantry 14th Regiment Infantry
14th Consolidated Regiment Infantry 15th Regiment Infantry
15th Consolidated Regiment Infantry 15th Battalion Sharpshooters
16th Regiment Infantry 17th Regiment Infantry
18th Regiment Infantry 19th Regiment Infantry
20th Regiment Infantry 21st Regiment Infantry
22nd Regiment Infantry 23rd Regiment Infantry
24th Regiment Infantry 25th Regiment Infantry
26th Regiment Infantry 27th Regiment Infantry
28th Regiment Infantry 29th Regiment Infantry
30th Regiment Infantry 31st Regiment Infantry
32nd Regiment Infantry 33rd Regiment Infantry
34th Regiment Infantry 35th Regiment Infantry
36th Regiment Infantry 37th Regiment Infantry
38th Regiment Infantry 39th Regiment Infantry
40th Regiment Infantry 41st Regiment Infantry
42nd Regiment Infantry 43rd Regiment Infantry
44th Regiment Infantry 46th Regiment Infantry
48th Regiment Infantry 49th Regiment Infantry
51st Regiment Infantry 52nd Regiment Infantry
63rd Regiment Infantry 64th Regiment Infantry
72nd Regiment Infantry 73rd Regiment Infantry
84th Regiment Infantry Adair's Company Infantry "Lodi Company"
Adams' Company Infantry "Holmes County Independent" Applewhite's Company Infantry "Vaiden Guards"
Armistead's Company Partisan Rangers Barnes' Company Home Guards
Barr's Company Infantry Berry's Company Infantry Reserves
Blythe's Battalion State Troops Burns' Regiment Infantry
Burt's Independent Company Infantry "Dixie Guards" Clayton's Company Infantry "Jasper Defenders"
Clayborne's Battalion Infantry Comfort's Company Infantry
Condrey's Company Infantry "Bull Mountain Invincibles" Cooper's Company Infantry
Drane's Company Infantry "Choctaw Silver Greys" D.J. Red's Company Infantry "Red Rebels"
Edmundson's Regiment Infantry Fant's Company Infantry
Gillis' Company State Reserves Gillenland's Battalion State Troops
Gordon's Company (Local Guard of Wilkinson County) Grace's Company State Troops
Griffin's Company Infantry "Madison Guards" Hall's Company Infantry
Harvey's Scouts Henderson's Company Independent Scouts
Henley's Company Infantry "Henley's Invincibles" Hightower's Company Infantry
Hinds County Militia Hodge's Battalion Reserve Forces
Holly Springs Regiment Infantry Hudson's Company Infantry "Noxubee Guards"
Kershaw Williams' Company Infantry "Gray's Port Greys Lewis' Company Infantry
Loring's Escort Matthew's Company State Troops
Maxwell's Company State Troops "Peach Creek Rangers" McCord's Company Infantry "Slate Springs Company"
McLelland's Company Infantry "Noxubee Home Guards" Milton's Reserve Corps
Monroe Company Infantry Reserves Montgomery's Company Scouts
Montgomery's Independent Company State Troops "Herndon Rangers" Moore's Company Infantry "Palo Alto Guards"
Moore's Volunteers Moore's Company Unattached Reserves
Morgan's Company Infantry "Morgan Riflemen" Morphis' Independent Company Scouts
Moseley's Regiment Infantry Nash's Company Infantry "Leake Rangers"
Packer's Company Infantry "Pope Guards" Page's Company Infantry "Lexington Guards"
Mississippi Partisan Regiment Patton's Company State Troops
Payne's Regiment Infantry Perry's Scouts
Pike's Company Infantry Planters' Guards
Roach's Company Infantry "Tippah Scouts" Rogers' Company Infantry
Ruth's Company State Militia Shield's Company Infantry
Smyth's Company Partisan Rangers S.W. Red's Company State Troops
S.S. Gage's Company Infantry "Wigfall Guards" Standefer's Company Infantry
Stewart's Company Infantry "Yalobusha Rangers" Stilwell's Company Infantry
Stricklin's Company State Troops Taylor's Company Infantry "Boomerangs"
Terry's Company Infantry Tippah County Reserves
T.P. Montgomery's Company Infantry Thomas Williams' Company Infantry
W.A. Gage's Company Infantry Walsh's Company Infantry "Muckalusha Guards"
Watts' Company Home Guards Wilkinson County Minute Men
Wilson's Company Infantry "Ponticola Guards" Withers' Company Reserve Corps
Yerger's Company State Troops


Regimental Index

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