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Infantry, Engineers & Sharpshooters


1st Regiment Cavalry 2nd Regiment Cavalry (33rd Regiment Partisan Rangers)
3rd Regiment Cavalry (Harrison) 3rd Regiment Cavalry (Pargoud)
3rd Regiment Cavalry (Wingfield)

4th Regiment Cavalry

5th Regiment Cavalry 6th Regiment Cavalry
7th Regiment Cavalry 8th Regiment Cavalry
9th Battalion Cavalry 13th Battalion Cavalry Louisiana Partisan Rangers
15th Battalion Cavalry 18th Battalion Cavalry

19th Battalion Cavalry

Cavalry Squadron, Louisiana Militia (Independent Rangers of Iberville)



1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

1st Artillery Battery (St Mary’s Cannoneers)

1st Battery Artillery 2nd Battalion Heavy Artillery
3rd Battery Artillery 4th Battery Artillery
5th Battery Artillery 6th Artillery Battery (Grosse Tete Flying Artillery)
8th Battalion Heavy Artillery 12th Battalion Heavy Artillery
Barlow’s Artillery Battery Bridges Artillery Battery
Crescent Artillery ,Co A Fenner’s Artillery Battery
Holmes Artillery Battery King’s Artillery Battery (Bull Battery)
Louisiana Donaldsonville Artillery Louisiana Guard Battery
Madison Light Artillery (Madison Tipps) Robinson’s Horse Artillery
Washington Artillery Battalion Pointe Coupee Battalion Artillery
Watson Artillery Battery


Infantry, Engineers & Sharpshooters

1st Battalion Infantry

1st Special Battalion Infantry (Wheat)

1st State Battalion Infantry

1st Zouve Battalion Infantry

1st Regiment Infantry - Nelligan's 1st Infantry Regulars - (Strawbridge's)
1st Regiment, Chasseurs a pied, Louisiana Militia 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana Militia
1st Regiment, European Brigade, Louisiana Militia 2nd Regiment Infantry
2nd Special Battalion Infantry 2nd Zouve Battalion Infantry
3rd Battalion Infantry 3rd Regiment Infantry
4th Battalion Infantry 4th Regiment Infantry
5th Battalion Infantry 5th Regiment Infantry
6th Battalion Infantry 6th Regiment Infantry
7th Battalion Infantry 7th Regiment Infantry
8th Battalion Infantry 8th Regiment Infantry
9th Battalion Infantry 9th Regiment Infantry
10th Battalion Battalion (Yellow Jacket Battalion) 10th Regiment Infantry
11th Battalion Infantry 11th Regiment Infantry
12th Battalion Infantry 12th Regiment Infantry
13th Battalion Infantry 13th Regiment Infantry
14th Battalion Sharpshooters 14th Regiment Infantry
15th Battalion Sharpshooters 15th Regiment Infantry
16th Regiment Infantry 17th Regiment Infantry
18th Regiment Infantry 19th Regiment Infantry
20th Regiment Infantry 21st Regiment Infantry
22nd Regiment Infantry (Patton's 21st) 23rd Regiment Infantry
24th Regiment Infantry (Crescent Regiment) 25th Regiment Infantry
26th Regiment Infantry 27th Regiment Infantry
28th Regiment Infantry (Gray's) 29th Regiment Infantry (Thomas' 28th)
30th Battalion Infantry 30th Regiment Infantry
31st Battalion Infantry 31st Regiment Infantry
32nd Regiment Infantry Miles' Legion) 33rd Regiment Infantry
Consolidated Crescent Infantry Regiment Catahoula Infantry Battalion
Keary's Infantry Battalion Louisiana Defenders Battalion
Squadron Guides d' Orleans, Louisiana Militia  

Source - The National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System


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