Organization of Union Troops at the 1st Battle of Bull Run - July 21, 1861


FIRST DIVISION (Commanded by Brigadier General DANIEL TYLER)

First Brigade (Commanded by Colonel E. D. KEYES)
1st Maine Infantry
1st Connecticut Infantry
2nd Connecticut Infantry
3rd Connecticut Infantry


Second Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General R. C. SCHENCK)
2nd New York (State Militia) Infantry
1st Ohio Infantry
2nd Ohio Infantry
Battery E, Second U.S. Artillery


Third Brigade (Commanded by Colonel W. T. SHERMAN)
13th New York Infantry
69th New York Infantry
79th New York Infantry
2nd Wisconsin Infantry
Battery E, Third U.S. Artillery


Fourth Brigade (Commanded by Colonel  I. B. RICHARDSON)
1st Massachusetts Infantry
12th New York Infantry
2nd Michigan Infantry
3rd Michigan Infantry
Battery G, First U.S. Artillery
Battery M, Second U.S. Artillery



First Brigade (Commanded by Colonel ANDREW PORTER)
8th New York (Militia) Infantry
14th New York Infantry
27th New York Infantry
Battalion U.S. Infantry (2nd Infantry, Co C & G - 3rd Infantry, Co B, E, G & I - 8th Infantry, Co G)
Battalion U.S. Marines
Battalion U.S. Cavalry (1st Cavalry, Co A & E - 2nd Cavalry, Co B, E, G & I - 2nd Dragoons, Co K)
Battery D, Fifth U.S. Artillery


Second Brigade (Commanded by Colonel A. E. BURNSIDE)
2nd New Hampshire Infantry
1st Rhode Island Infantry
2nd Rhode Island Infantry + 1 battery of Light Artillery
71st New York Infantry + 2 howitzers


THIRD DIVISION (Commanded by Colonel S. P. HEINTZELMAN) - wounded

First Brigade (Commanded by Colonel W. B. FRANKLIN)
5th Massachusetts Infantry
11th Massachusetts Infantry
1st Minnesota Infantry
Company I, First U.S. Artillery


Second Brigade (Commanded by Colonel O. B. WILLCOX) - wounded and captured
11th New York (Fire Zouaves) Infantry
38th New York Infantry
1st Michigan Infantry
4th Michigan Infantry (not engaged)
Battery D, Second U.S. Artillery


Third Brigade (Commanded by Colonel O. O. HOWARD)
3rd Maine Infantry
4th Maine Infantry
5th Maine Infantry
2nd Vermont Infantry


FOURTH DIVISION - RESERVE (Commanded by Brigadier General THEODORE RUNYON)      Not engaged

Three Months Enlistment
1st New Jersey Infantry
2nd New Jersey Infantry
3rd New Jersey Infantry

Three years Enlistment
1st New Jersey Infantry
2nd New Jersey Infantry
4th New Jersey Infantry
41st New York Infantry


FIFTH DIVISION (Commanded by Colonel DIXON S. MILES)

First Brigade (Commanded by Colonel LOUIS BLENKER)

In reserve at Centreville and not engaged in main battle. Involved in minor skirmishes with Confederate troops while covering the retreat of the Army
8th New York Infantry (Volunteers)
29th New York Infantry
39th New York Infantry
27th Pennsylvania Infantry
Battery A, Second U.S. Artillery
Bookwood's New York Battery (Consisted of the field guns of the 8th New York Militia, manned by detachments from the 8th and 29th Regiments New York Volunteer Infantry)


Second Brigade (Commanded by Colonel THOMAS A. DAVIES)
16th New York Infantry
18th New York Infantry
31st New York Infantry
32nd New York Infantry
Battery G, Second U.S. Artillery



Source - The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies


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