Civil War Diary of Charles Lepley

103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company E

January 1, 1864 - September 2, 1864



May and June 1864


Sunday, May 1, 1864

arrived at Charleson at 7oc am left at 10 am crossed Savanah River at 6 oc and were in Georgia

Changed Cars at 3 miles of Savannah at 8 oc

from Charleston to Savannah 100 miles

Started for Americus by way of Macon

drawed Boiled pork an crackers

Rain this evening

Chill to day

Monday,May 2, 1864

Arrived at Macon at 12 oc from Savannah 190 Arrived near Americus at Camp about 8 oc

Marched a few Rods from the cars and laid down for night

Tuesday, May 3, 1864

We are Counted of in messes of 90 men and an orderly sergent to draw on rations and are marched 1 mile from road to camp with about 11000 more prisoners

drawe pork meal soap

Had a chill at 3 oc

We have Roll Call every morning at 8 oc [this last line is in ink, all the previous days are in pencil since his capture on the 20th]

Wednesday, May 4, 1864

It is very warm through the day and cold at night

Rations to day Ditto [this line is crossed out]

Rations for 1 man 1 day 1 quart of Meal and lb of pork and a little salt

Confederate money is selling for 20 cts on the dollar in Greenbacks

Thursday, May 5, 1864

Rations of Meal and 3 spoonfulss of Molasses to a man and 1/4 lb of pork for 4 men

A squad of 25 or 30 men Escaped from prison last night through a tunnel and The Rebels have Hounds after them

Wrote a letter to Mother

Friday, May 6, 1864

Still verry warm

Ration of Meal 1 pt and 1/4 lb pork and 1 pt Rice for 4 men

Saturday, May 7, 1864

The Weather Remains the same

Rations of Baked corn 3 loaves to 4 men and Boiled pork 1/4 lb to 1 man

Three Rebel officers Ride through and inspect the camp

Sunday, May 8, 1864

A little warmer to day

Rations still smaller 2 loaves to 4 and a small piece of meat

The Three Officers Ride thrugh camp again to day

Rumors that Plymouth is Retaken

Monday, May 9, 1864

Had a chill and Fever to day about 3 oc

Eggs are selling at 10 dollars a Confederate or 2 dolls Greenbacks pr doz Bacon 5 confed or 1 Green Beans 2.00 per pot

Rations Do[ditto]

Tuesday, May 10, 1864

Still verry warm and sign of Rain

All kinds of Rumors are afloat about Exchanging Prisoners

Rations of Bread 66 loaves for 90 men

Rumors today that Fort Darling is ours

Wednesday, May 11, 1864

Another Chill today

Commenced Raining last night at 3 oc Rained Slightly all night and to day

Rebels say that "Lee Sold Richmond to Grant

Rather too cool for us this morning

Thursday, May 12, 1864

Went to the Doctor this morning but had no chill to day Got 4 little Black quinine pills

About one half of the prisoner got a little boiled rice today and a little less pork and bread instead

9 (8 crossed out) Prisoners Came in to [day] Captured at Dalton

Friday, May 13, 1864

At Doctors again this morning Cloudy and Cool A few more prisoners Come in to day

We get about 1 pt of Boiled Rice Mixed with pitch and a little less meat and Bread

Had a shake to day Was at the doctors

Saturday, May 14, 1864

A "Chill to day and high fever was at the Doctors

A few prisoners came in to day

Dalton reported surrounded by Genrl Thomas with 150000 men

The Rebellious Have a picnic in sight of Camp to day

Sunday, May 15, 1864

A Chill to day was at The doctor Weather of little more comfortable

A man with one leg was shot by the guard

Another tunnel was discovered to day

Rations of Vinegar issued to about 1/2 the prisoners

Monday, May 16, 1864

At the doctors again this morning feel pretty well No shake to day Rations as usual

Genrls Longstreet and Lee both reported wounded Mortally and Grant Moving closely on Richmond

Tuesday, May 17, 1864

Took 3 pills to day, feel better

Some prisoners were brought in to day They report Dalton in

our Possession with 4000 prisoners

They were captured on the 12th

They also report that a General Exchange of prisoners (have crossed out) has been agreed upon The weather still cool and cloudy

12 men that escaped last friday

night were brought in again to day

Wenesday, May 18, 1864

Am first rate to dayRations of Beans are issued to 1/2 the

camp to day

Our wounded are brought from Plymouth

and 12 more prisoners captured at

Dalton They report in our possession

Thursday, May 19, 1864

Fine day Everything quiet in camp

we get rations of Beans. Slop

The Macon Confederate of the 18th is

in camp They report no news from

Richmond since the 9. But that their army is being Victorious

in all points.

Friday, May 20, 1864

No News today

Dr E is digging a well. A is 15 feet to watter

Rations as usual plus a little soft soap

Saturday, May 21, 1864

A little excitement about Exchange

Reports of a General Order being issued by the Rebel authorities That all prisoners must be Exchanged or paroled (or crossed out) within 30 days.

Sunday, May 22, 1864

Three or four hundred more prisones were

brought in to day Some from Danville and some from

Meades Army captured on the 5th.

The Rebels are taking prisoners out to work at enlarging the Stockade.

Monday, May 23, 1864

very warm to day About 1000 prisoners were brought in today from Meades Army Captured at Mine Run on the 3rd and 6th

Tuesday, May 24, 1864

6 or 7 hundred more prisoners were brought in to day from Meades Army

Had a chill today at 3 oc

Wednesday, May 25, 1864

Had a shower of rain last night. Still very warm

About 1500 prisoners were brought in from Meades army

(on the 24th written between the lines) in which wer (sic) some of the 11th Reserves

And 7 or 800 more came in today.

Thursday, May 26, 1864

Had a Shake and severe fever Great excitement to day about paroling

Friday, May 27, 1864

Nothing unusual occurs to day Except that the Rebs are pretty badly

Scared and Examine The Stockade and a double guard on and line of

Battle formed on all sides having been Reinforced also giving us a Caution

against forcing the Stockade

Saturday, May 28, 1864

Had a severe Chill and fever. Took a dose of nine.

A few prisoners were brought in from Sherman's Army Captured 20 miles beyond Atlanta

Sunday, May 29, 1864

About 900 more prisoners were brought in to day from Meade's and Segels Army

Captured on the 14th/15th

Very fine day

Orderly got a letter from R R Bryson from Macon he reports that They have no

Shelter and not half enough to eat

Took some more Medicine

Monday, May 30, 1864

Another shake to day Very warm Took some more Medicine

About 900 more prisoners were brought in from Shermans and Butlers Army

The colonel Commanding this post says we will all be out

of this inside of 13 days

Tuesday, May 31, 1864

Fell (sic) pretty well no shakes Took some medicine

Reports that Atlanta is ours

The Macon papers claim continual victories for their armies

Wednesday, June 1, 1864

Had a Shake to day and Severe fever A Heavy rain to day about 12 oc

Thursday, June 2, 1864

A little more Ague & fever

Still take (fever crossed out) medicine

More Rain to day

8 or 9 hundred more prisoners came in to day

Friday, June 3, 1864

Escaped the Shake to day

Another Heavy Rain

4 or 5 hundred more prisoners were brought in to day

Saturday, June 4, 1864

Raining again this morning

Sunday, June 5, 1864

Raining all day and gave us a good cooling

Monday, June 6, 1864

Heavy Showers

Many Reports are going around in Camp of a speedy Parol of all prisoners on both sides

Tuesday, June 7, 1864

Verry Hot to day and looks like Rain

About 500 more prisoners were brought in from Grants Army and from Bell Island

They Report "Lee driven inside his fortifications (near crossed out) at Richmond

Wednesday, June 8, 1864

Another shower of Rain to day Nights are verry warm. Everything

is Dull in Camp no News Confederate Money is played out entirely in

Camp. Biscuit are selling at 50 cts a piece Onions 1.00 for largest Eggs 3 for 1.00

or 4.00 pr dozen

Thursday, June 9, 1864

A little rain to day and Cool and pleasant

Cheering News in camp this evening It is said (in) The Rebel papers that Atlanta

and Richmond are both in the hands of the Yankees.

It Causes a Rise spirits and great hopes of getting out of prison

Friday June 10, 1864

A Hot sun part of the day but verry Cool fresh breeze and looks like rain

Saturday, June 11, 1864

More Rain to day Had a chill and severe fever this afternoon eat no supper

Another excitement about paroling

Sunday, June 12, 1864

Cloudy and cool Fell pretty well Eat 2 biscuit for breakfast

News this morning that our officers are paroled and we are to follow

Monday, June 13, 1864

Cloudy all day the sun only got one peep at us and it is very cold with a mist

Have a tremendous Shake from 9 oc AM till 1oc PM

We have no Roll call

Tuesday, June 14, 1864

Still cloudy and cold with a light mist and no sunshine

Went to the Doctor This morning

New Potatoes in camp 1.00 pr qt Cucumbers 50 cts for 1 Beets Do Raddishes Do

Onions 1.00

Wednesday, June 15, 1864

Rain again to day Was at Doctors

Took 7 pills and Had a severe "Chill" Shake about 9 oc and pain with Bowels

Thursday, June 16, 1864

More Rain And about 2000 prisoners were brought in to d

Heard that Henry (his brother) was wounded Have a feve (sic) all day and no appetite all

Friday, June 17, 1864

The more Rain the more rest

was at the Doctors this morning. Fell better this morning

Got some Whiskey this evening

Saturday, June 18, 1864

Fell some better to day Was at the Doctor again

Have some Diarhea and Can't eat

Still very wet weather Cheering news from our Armies

Sunday, June 19, 1864

No better to day was at the doctor

Rain to day again 7 more men were shot to day by the guard

Monday, June 20, 1864

Feel pretty well was not at the Doctor

Rain Showers to day Blackberries and Apples for sale in camp Berries

Tuesday, June 21, 1864

Better this morning But verry slim

Wednesday, June 22, 1864

No rain to day Fell( pretty well

Biscuit flour Onions are verry plenty and cheaper today

No news and things begin to look gloomy The Rebels find a tunnel completed

Thursday, June 23, 1864

Feel Better to day Washed a shirt and myself

About 200 more prisoners came in to day from Grants Army

They report him advancing on Petersburg

Friday, June 24, 1864

Took a dose of my Medicine this morning

A few more prisoners were brought in to day from Grants Army

Report Peterburgh in our possession Borrowed $10.00 of Weston Hall

Saturday, June 25, 1864

Verry warm but no rain

Great excitement about an exchange of prisoners to commence on the 7th July

Sunday, June 26, 1864

Feel a little Agueish to day Took some medicine

We have had no Roll Call for near week

47 Detachment went out for wood 18 men go evry day

to carry wood for 270 & is barely sufficient

Monday , June 27, 1864

Another hot day Feel better A few more prisoners were brought in to day that

were captured at Paines mills a month ago

Tuesday, June 28, 1864

Two fine showers of Rain

Wednesday, June 29, 1864

Cool and pleasant to day

Captain Wirs (?) Comanding Camp and quartermaster take the Raiders out of camp A Dead man is found buried near one of Their tents A jury of 12 Sargeants is taken out to try them.

Thursday, June 30, 1864

Captain Wirs issues an order for all men who had watches taken from them at Richmond to report at the Gate tomorrow evening to get them returned


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