Civil War Diary of Charles Lepley

103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company E

January 1, 1864 - September 2, 1864



March and April 1864


Tuesday, March 1, 1864

Shake again Went to the Doctor

An Expedition is ordered out with 2 days rations. Bumb Shell sent off up Chowan.

Wednesday, March 2, 1864

Shelling up the Chowan Rebels have a Battery on a bluff but are driven off and the Bumb Shell rescued by the Gunboats Southfield and Whitehead. At Doctors Got a Dose Worse

Thursday, March 3, 1864

Pretty well to day at again got some powders this morning

Warm pleasant day

Reports of Genrl Longstreet moving on Newbern

Friday, March 4, 1864

THE 101st PV

and 16 Connecticut were ordered away yesterday evening at 9 oc Destination supposed to be Newbern

Saturday, March 5, 1864

On Picket to day on Boyls Mill road Verry warm till 2 oc a heavy rain cooled the air and another shower at night made it cold and disagreable

Tying to fish in Welsh Creek

Sunday, March 6, 1864

Verry cold and cloudy and windy this morning

Countersign Snow Hill

At church by Rev Billingsly of the 101st

Monday, March 7, 1864

Warm again as usual to day

Great and exciting game of Ball in which Chaplain Rowlings figures conspicuously

Tuesday, March 8, 1864

A little rain this morning

Detailed for Provost Guard 30,000 Rebels reported moving on Norfolk

Wednesday, March 9, 1864

Relieved of Guard

fine morning A small mail came in on the Lancer last night

Thursday, March 10, 1864

Mailed a letter to sister

An Expedition on the Dollie last night a 9 oc Started to go up the Chowan for a Refugee but wind being high on the Sound the waves came near breaking over her, compelling her to Retreat for fear of drowning

Friday, March 11, 1864

Made a Gutta percha Ring [a type of latex made from Gutta percha leaves]

Saturday, March 12, 1864

Detailed for Picket but traded with H Pugh for Provost guard

Two refugee from Petersburgh are in the jail They give woefull account of affairs

Qoute Meal at 30 doll per bushel sometimes none to be had at that

Hotel meals 8 dollars

A small drink of Whiskey 2.50.

Sunday, March 13,1864

Relieved of guard. Dress parade at 5 oc Warm and verry pleasant

Monday, March 14, 1864

On Picket on Reserve post pleasant enough this morning gets cloudy and windy and cool towards night at 12 oc night begins to snow and blow but not freez it continues to snow till near morning

Drawed $2.00 sutler Check paid 30 [sutler was a person who followed the army and sold food, liquor etc to soldiers]

Tuesday, March 15, 1864

Several inches of snow fell last night but now at 12 0c it has almost disappeared by the influence of the Sun. Yesterday I Drawed 1 pr Pantaloons & 1 pr shoes.

Wednesday, March 16, 1864

This is a Blunder

To day I was relieved of picket and last night the snow fell etc

“Countersign Bachelors Creek

Recd 3 copies of the Lutheran

Thursday, March 17, 1864

On Picket to day again On post on Right of Acre Road

Very pleasant day and night Colonel Maxwell officer of day

Friday, March 18, 1864

Relieved of Picket at 10 oc. Countersign “West point.

This evening the Veteran of 101st arrived from Roanoke Island

Talk of the Rebel Ram coming down the River to day

Saturday, March 19, 1864

Four escaped prisoners arrived here to day from Richmond. Were captured at Catletts Station last October. Were being conveyed from Richmond to Georgia Jumped out of the cars arrived after being 13 days in the swamp 2 were from N Jersy 2 from NYC

Detailed for loading Rations Draw Ham 2 next time

Sunday, March 20, 1864

Rain last night and cold and windy this morning

Had a chill this evening didn’t go on dress parade

Monday, March 21, 1864

Went to doctor this morning got 80 gr pow

A slight chill in the evening

Commenced snowing a little this morning about 8 oc Continued all day snowing and blowing

Tuesday, March 22, 1864

This is another error

Inspection as usual A Rain last night and cool this morning

Prisoners yesterday Reported 14 persons froze to death on Belle Island 2nd morning January. Snowed and all night and all day. At Doctors this morning

Wednesday, March 23, 1864

2 inches of snow pretty well friz this morning Commenced last night

went to Doctors this morning

Warmer to day and snow melting away

The 16th Connecticut arrived here again from Newbern

Thursday, March, 24, 1864

Feel pretty well this morning. Pretty hard freeze last night but the Remaining Snow is fast disappearing

An order for drill 2 hours a day from 10 am to 11, from 3 to 4 Batallion drill

Friday, March 25, 1864

Raining some today and cold

A Rebel was brought in to day that had been working on the Rebel Ram

An attact is expected

Saturday, March 26, 1864

On Provost guard

middling warm this morning but verry cool toward night

a Small Reconnoisance goes up the River on Massasoit and Returns and goes again

Sunday, March 27, 1864

This morning at 4 oc have not Returned yet at 4 PM

Was at Church this evening Preaching by Chaplain of the 16th Conn Text 1st Peter 1st Chap latter part 12 verse

Monday, March 28, 1864

Drill at 10 oc to 11 AM and from 3 to 4 PM Dress parade from 5 to 6 Went at 8 oc to load wood get back just in time for drill

Tuesday, March 29, 1864

Commenced to Rain at 8 oc this morning

Recd 2 letter one from “Em one from S.C.R [Em may be his sister Emily]

Wednesday, March 30, 1864

On Provost Guard post no=4 Cold rain Paymaster “Major “Crane came in at 3 oc from Norfolk on the “Tug S.C Brooks.

Thursday, March 31, 1864

Relieved of guard The 101st PV is being paid to day They get The 100 dollars old bounty and 60 of the new with 3 months wages

Friday, April 1, 1864

A little wet and cool to day

company drill from 10 to 11 Brigade ordered ---? Day commencing at 2 oc

The 88 N.Y. is being paid to day None but Veterans get their pay.

Saturday, April 2, 1864

On Picket on the Right post on Acre Road A cold wet disagreeable day

Part of our Regiment were paid to day

Sunday, April 3, 1864

Relieved of Picket at 10 oc “Countersign “Calladale”

Recd a letter from “Em.

Monday, April 4, 1864

Mailed a letter for ‘E.E.L. [could be sister Emily Elisabeth Lepley]

Tuesday, April 5, 1864

Company E Veterans are paid Barrowed $1.00 from Milton Myers paid .50 for Butter 5 for Honey 10 for walnuts

Rather cold and unpleasant a little Rain

Wednesday, April 6, 1864

On Provost Guard Still cold and Cloudy and windy

Thursday, April 7, 1864

Relieved of guard On company drill from 10 to 11 Batallion Drill from 2 till 5 I escaped from it and had chill at 5 PM

Friday, April 8, 1864

Went to the “Doctor this morning have headache all day

Sold Watch to H.H. Pugh at $21.50

Recd a package of papers from H.W.R. Another chill at 8 oc

Saturday, April 9, 1864

Was at the Doctor this morning excused of duty

Recd a copy of the Missionary from Home Raining all day

paid Milton “Myers $1.00

Sunday, April 10, 1864

At the Doctor this morning Clear warm and pleasant

At Church at 10 a.m. by Chaplain 16th And at 2 P.M. by Rev Rowlings in the Brick Church The first service in it since we came here

Monday, April 11, 1864

Brigade Drill from 2 till 5 Fair and warm


Tuesday, April 12, 1864

Company drill A little rain in the afternoon.

Bought a watch from SB McCandlass for $13.00 Sold the same to James “Bracken at $13.50

Wednesday, April 13, 1864

Detailed for Police and Escaped drill Right warm and pleasant again

Thursday, April 14, 1864

Warm and pleasant Company and Brigade drill

Friday, April 15, 1864

A little Rain and no drill Buying and trading Watches

Saturday, April 16, 1864

On Camp guard. [a paragraph is crossed out]

Not on guard

This is a mistake

Sunday, April 17, 1864

On Camp guard

The Rebels attack our pickets at 4 oc P.M. Two companies of Cavelry charge on the Rebels and are Repulsed with the loss of 2 men killed one missing 1 Lieut wounded.

Our Forts open on the Rebels at 6 oc PM and a Sharp shirmish takes place up at Warren neck.

Monday, April 18, 1864

All was quiet last night But the ball opens just at sunrise and continues to Roll until this time 9oc. A Captain of the 16 is wounded

Our Pickets hold their ground and firing is kept up all day on the line. The Rebels advance in force at 6 oc PM and drive our pickets in and open with artillery

Tuesday, April 19, 1864

The firing yesterday evening continued 2 hours. The Bombshell and Whitehead are were sunk also

This morning the firing commenced at 3 oc and The Ram sinks the Southfield and chases the Miami off and fires on the town from below. The Rebles also captured Fort Wessle at daylight and are now firing on us from it We Build bomb proofs [this last in pencil]

Wednesday, April 20, 1864

Firing continued all night last night and the 101st Fort is Captured at daylight and the Rebels enter the town from both ends and we are surrounded and they have crossfire on us but we hold our works until 10 oc AM Wessel goes with a flag of truce and firing ceases for an hour and then commences but were forced to surrender about 11 oc AM.

The weather if fair. Sergent Logan killed and Corporal Bertner wounded.

Thursday, April 21, 1864

Fine morning and we are are living 1 mile from Town. The Rebels say they number 20,000 men in command of General Hoke

Started to March at 12 oc. Marched 15 miles and camped. 4 days ration were issued to us this morning, 32 hard tack 1 lb of pork

Friday, April 22, 1864

Williamston 15 minutes past 2 oc

started this morning at 6 oc

verry warm

Traveled about 12 miles to day Halted at 5 oc and are well treated

fine weather

Our guard is the 35 NC.

Saturday, April 23, 1864

Started at 6 oc Marched about 6 miles and Halted at Hamilton

distance 6 miles

{4 days Rations were issued to us this morning of our own Rations

{32 hard tack and 1 lb of pork}this entry is crossed out and the word "not" writen over it

Sunday, April 24, 1864

Started 1/2 past 10 oc

Marched 10 miles

Camped in a wood

Our guard to day is the Halcomb (?) [un readable word] and 17th NC

we are treated nice

A few drops of Rain

Monday, April 25, 1864

Fell in to line at 1/2 past 6. Arrived at Tau or, Taw, or Tar-bow at 12 M

Drawed Rations 1 pint of Meal and a little pork and peas for 2 men

Tuesday, April 26, 1864

The 88th were taken away at 10 oc without Rations The Rest of us are getting Rations "Ditto" Minus " pork

The 16th and part of the 101st left at 3 oc

Wednesday, April 27, 1864

No Rain yet verry (sic) warm

Drawed some Corn Meal and Carrion 2 sides for 3 -6 (or 36) men

a little salt

Have a Chill about 3 oc

Thursday, April 28, 1864

Sold a watch at $18.00

A sprinkle of Rain last night and to day

Took a dose of willow Tea this morning

Drew Rations

Meal, pork, peas salt

Friday, April 29, 1864

Fine morning and no rain yet

left Camp at 8 oc and Tarbow at 11 oc

Arrived at Goldsboro at at (sic) 5 oc distance 60 miles

got some crackers and pork

Arrived Wilmington at 2 oc distance from Goldsboro 18 miles

Lot of cars at 6 oc crossed a river Cape fear River

There are 501 men in our train

Saturday, April 30, 1864

This morning at 7 oc Drawed soft bread about 3/4 of a lb

(can't read) and a small piece pork

left Wilmington at 12 oc Crossed The pee dee (?) Santee Rivers

distance from Wilmington to Charleston 205 miles



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