Civil War Diary of Charles Lepley

103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company E

January 1, 1864 - September 2, 1864



January and February 1864


Friday, January 1, 1864

Wrote a letter to Sister. Otherwise passed the Day foolishly wearily away with hardly a good resolution for the New Year or a regret for the follies of the past.

Here am I at Plymouth, North Carolina This 1st day of 1864 and may well ask where may I be one year from now but must wait for Time to answer.

Saturday, January 2, 1864

Dull and drearily the day

Slowly and wearily wears away

And Surely

But I think I’d better wake up if I can and Time if it didn’t pass less surely. Would perhaps pass more gayly, pleasantly, profitably and speedily away. Yes I often think I must only be dreaming and not really living because I’m most always sad and I see others enjoy themselves.

Sunday, January 3, 1864

On Picket duty on Extreme right post on the line. Warm and pleasant day.

On post with Roscoe Warner of the 85th N.Y. A Regular Pennsylvania Yankee from Potter Co. Pa. An agreeable fellow too.

Monday, January 4, 1864

A little wet this morning and rather unfavorable for catching Squirrels But we made out to destroy The Head quarters of 4 or 5 of them. But they made their escape to our disappointment and cost as I tore my Sock.

Keountersign “Santafe

Tuesday, January 5, 1864

Monthly inspection at 11 oc Rather wet for good business

Came very near Enlisting in the “Veteran Corps to day

About 500 of them turned out this evening and paraded the muddy streets by order of “Genl Wessle.

Wednesday, January 6, 1864

Blowing and

Raining and

Sleeting all day.

Vaccinations examined.

Thursday, January 7, 1864

On Picket on Red Hill post. Plastered the shanty and kept up a big fire and kept pretty comfortable in spite of the wind snow and ice and rain.

Countersign Memphis

Friday, January 8, 1864

Came in off Picket and out of the rain to shake and freeze and things. With this ague and things its worse than mosquitoes.

Saturday, January 9, 1864

Ague and fever to day

Sunday, January 10, 1864

Cold clear and windy

Six Rebel deserters came in to day

Went to the Doctor this morning got 30 grains quinine Feel no better

Monday, January 11, 1864

Considerable better this morning but went to Doctor

Tuesday, January 12, 1864

Read a letter with a Ring in it. Mailed a letter.

Made a Requisition for pr pants 1 shirt 2 pr socks

Wednesday, January 13, 1864

Raining all day Slightly

Thursday, January 14, 1864

On Picket on Lees Mill Road

Friday, January 15, 1864

The Dixie gals the Southness Pride

Graceful, Lovely and gay

Saturday, January 16, 1864

[No entry]

Sunday, January 17. 1864

No entry

Monday, January 18, 1864

A Small expedition

Sailed This morning

at 4 oc on the

“Massasoit bound up

Chowan River for

Recruits to fill up

some North Carolina

Companys that are

forming here

Refugees and

Deserters are daily

comeing in and swelling

our Ranks here.

Tuesday, January 19, 1864

Felt like Shaking

this evening but prevented

it by taking a dose

of quinine which

made me Sicker.

The weather is clear

and windy and not

very warm.

Rebel “ Longstreet

reported advancing on

this place with 40

thousand men

I think he’ll stand a good

chance of getting his street


Wednesday, January 20, 1864

Detailed at 10 oc to relieve the Veterans that were on duty that they might be mustered

in And on returning to camp at 4 oc was informed that I with 13 others were to get ready with 3 days rations to march at 7 oc It is now 6. At 8 oc 175 men Embarked on the Massasoit. At 12 oc 20 men of landed 7 miles below Harrellsville tried to Capture a picket post of guerrallas failed

Thursday, January 21, 1864

At 4 oc the Ballance landed 4 miles from town. Marched up to town and Captured 6 mule teams, 8 horses, 5 hogheads of sugar salt pork in profusion. Were fired on by the Guerrillas had 1 man killed 1 wounded Captured 1 Rebel wounded

Returned to Plymouth at 7 oc.

Friday, January 22, 1864

Another expedition left to day at 12 oc

Sold a captured pipe for 25 cts

Rambling around through town inspecting the Captured Stock and waggons

There was on Beautifull 2 horse Carriage valued at $5000.

A grand Consort this evening 25 cts Brahms

Saturday, January 23, 1864

A Splendid day and night for picket. My turn for standing was from 2 till past 4 as ever decided by casting lots.

It was a beautiful

Moonlight night and

Nothing to break the

quiet but stealthy

tread of Otter and

Mink and the plunging

of Muskrat in the sluggish

water of the stinking

Swamps Mixed with

the gentle splashing of the


Sunday, January 24, 1864

A lovely Sabbath

Morning without a

darkening cloud or

rude breath of wind.

Our new Chaplin preached to day

but I wasn’t here to hear him but understand

He did not make a favorable impression on the soldiers. He is of the Episcapalion Church

The 15th & 16th Connecticut landed here this Evening to Relieve our Veterans.

Monday, January 25, 1864

Myself had a Chill this morning and Racking fever all day.

Did nothing but lay in bed all day and bear it and such a beautiful day warm, sunny and airy

An Expedition went off to day and showed with one prisoner.

Tuesday, January 26, 1864

Fell a little better to day in spite of Dose the Doctor gave me yesterday But am sorry he had no Quinine to give me today.

Another Expedition to day

Wednesday, January 27, 1864

Expedition of 22nd Returned this evening by land with about 100 head of sheep and poultry in proportion Captured near lake “Phelps.

Connecticut troops Relieve our Picket this morning

Thursday, January 28, 1864

“Camp Guard to day. Verry warm

“Countersign “Vicksburgh.

Friday, January 29, 1864

Good Music I hear just now by the Brass Brigade Band of the Connecticut troops here.

Grand Consort at the M.E. Church this Evening

At 9 0c got orders to get ready immediately with 2 days rations. 10 oc found 60 of Regt on Massasoit. Sailed at 11 up the Roanoke

Saturday, January 30, 1864

We land at 4 oc 6 miles above Hamilton 500 strong and 1 piece Marine artillary

Marched 8 miles and come upon 300 Rebs at Windsor and Route them completely taking 3 prisoners and Instruments of a Brass Band. Burn their Barracks and return to the Boat at 5 oc. Arrive at Plymouth at 9

Sunday, January 31, 1864

At Church this Evening Preaching by the Chaplin of the 101st

Monday, February 1, 1864

Down at the market post this morning. An Expedition at 2 oc

Amador County

Fiddletown PO


Fayette PO

Fayette County


[Charles had a brother Isaac Lepley who moved from Fayette Co, Iowa to Amador Co, California; perhaps about this time]

Tuesday, February 2, 1864

Expedition of 70 men to Edenton

Start from here at 11 oc Return at 9

While there an Old woman told me to be carefull of my gun and not let her children get Shot with it as she did not want her children shot by a Yanke or a Yankees gun ugh

Wednesday, February 3, 1864

Monthly inspection

The 15th Connecticut leaves for Newbern Had a chill to day

Thursday, February 4, 1864

Another shake

18 Transports with Reenforcments for Newbern passed Roanoke Island today


Friday, February 5, 1864

Still another shake was at the Doctor

Fighting reported continueing at Newbern

One Battery Captured by the Rebs and gunboat under water

Genrl Pickett in command of the Rebls forces

Saturday, February 6, 1864

At the doctors this morning

The troops at this place were all called out at 3 oc to watch the moon rising

Paid $15.00 to Harrison Pugh for a watch

Sunday, February 7, 1864

Was at the Doctor

Rec’d 2 letters from home Answer the same

Sent a Blue Back 5 dollar bill captured at Harrellsville Jan 21st `64

Monday, February 8, 1864

Clear windy and rather cool

Rebels Raise the siege at Newbern and Retreat towards Goldsboro. Reported to have been 15 thousand strong under General Pickett and Ransom

Tuesday, February 9, 1864

On Provost Guard Clear and cool

two Rebel deserters came in to day. One from Stewarts Cavalry the other from the 11th NC

One man named Hughs in prison was conscripted paid 16.00 dollars for a substitute

Wednesday, February 10, 1864

Relieved of guard

Warm and pleasant weather

Dress parade evry evening

No drill

Thursday, February 11, 1864

At Church this evening

Cooked a Chicken for supper

Friday, February 12, 1864

Sent for a pair of pant and a shirt

Saturday, February 13, 1864

Two companies of second Massachusetts heavy artillery landed here to Day to garrison the fort and let Veterans go home.


Sunday, February 14, 1864

At Church to day Preaching by Chaplain of 16th Connecticut

Again by Chaplain Billingly of 101st

Monday, February 15, 1864

Mailed a letter to SCR [presumed to be SC Roth]

Raining and cold and windy

Tuesday, February 16, 1864

On Camp guard post no 2.

Clear Cold and Windy

Wednesday, February 17, 1864

Relieved of guard

twas verry windy and verry cold last night

Countersign Lodi

Drawed clothing viz

1 pr Trowers 2.50

1 shirt 1.53

2 pr socks 32 per pr…64cts

Thursday, February 18, 1864

Pretty cold and windy

Commenced snowing finely about 9 oclock this evening

Friday, February 19, 1864

Sacra Mondue

Snow and freeze unto death. 2 inches deep and windy quantum sufficit

The sun shining Nevertheless

Saturday, February 20, 1864

28 Guerrillas were brought in this morning from Hyde County

41 negroes and 38 white Refugees came yesterday

Rect a package of papers from HWR [presumed to be his cousin Henry Warren Roth] Snow not going Detailed for carrying wood for kitchen

Sunday, February 21, 1864

Preaching to day by Rev Rowlings

Warm and snow disappearing


Monday, February 22, 1864


Birthday Celebrated by an address by Chap Billingsly of 101st

Music by the Band

Hail Columbia

Star Spangled Banner and the Doxology

Address at 6oc by the Rev Dickinson Chaplin 16 Conn Subject American Republic

Tuesday, February 23, 1864


Wednesday, February 24, 1864

Expedition up the Chowan of 30 men on Genl Foster

Thursday, February 25, 1864

Expedition returned after capturing 1500 lbs tobacco and 2 negros

Shingles in the country are made of cyprus and juniper principally

Friday, February 26, 1864

Have a little Chill to day

A little chill is not such a little thing, either

Saturday, February 27, 1864

More Ague to day Received a letter from home. Tomorrow

Sunday, February 27, 1864

Inspection and whole regiment on picket with knapsacks included

Monday, February 28, 1864

Relieved of picket. Inspection and Mustered for 2 months pay and a miserabe shake.


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